Y-Strap Adjustment

Patients will feel instant relief after a Y-Strap adjustment. Also known as the Neck pull adjustment this treatment is very powerful and decompresses the entire spine. The force of the pull applied removes pressure off of your nerves allowing your entire body function to improve.


How does it work?

The Y-Strap adjustment works by stretching the spine pulling the head in the Y-Axis of the body. This pulling force generates a decompression in the vertebral discs.

The Y-Strap is used for stretching purposes with slow and smooth stretching motion, or you can apply a High Velocity, Low Amplitude movement. This is when the Y-Strap actually manipulates or adjusts the spine.

Whats the chin strap for?

The Y-Strap  works on its own with most people but, everyone is different and, some users with less-pronounced occipital bone may find the Y-Strap to slip.

This is when the chin strap comes into play. The chin strap allows us to be able to perform the Y-strap stretch on anyone. 

The chin strap is an extra piece of padded strap that is attached to the main Y-Strap via a reusable velcro over your chin to firmly stabilize your head within the Y-Strap.